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Don't Mention the Pandemic

I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it. In these Unprecedented Times™, I may not be permitted to travel far, due to government orders, which must be obeyed at all times, but there is plenty of beauty in local nature reserves, parks and tree-lined streets. I'm not afraid to go out, for now , at least. We've all been compulsively thinking about you know what. Forgoing hours of sleep. Drinking too much Chablis Premier Cru. Virtue-signaling for carers on a Thursday at 8pm. But let's be frank here — there's only so much time you can spend refreshing news websites, before you want to put a revolver in your mouth and shoot the Dominic Raab out of your amygdala. So, if you haven't seen a tree in leaf since last summer or you simply cannot go outside to enjoy the spring, come on in and enjoy my pictures, taken during my "one form of daily exercise".  The Theresa May School of Dance convulsed on an upper-middle class s

The Decade in Pictures: Favourites from 2010 - 2019

Welcome to my tribute for the decade 2010  —  2019. If you're stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, I hope my photos give you a window on the better times, when things we once took for granted weren't fraught with danger. I can't include every photograph, but if there's any images you feel I have omitted, there's plenty more over on my Flickr page . 2010 - Friston Forest, Seven Sisters, Chattri in Snow, Christmas in Brighton, Frank and Magnus Agugu. 2011 - Brighton Beach in Fog, Herring Gulls on Brighton Beach and Adder in Friston Forest. 2012 - Stanmer Down, Roe Deer in Poppies, Hove Beach, Brighton Starlings and the Moon Crescent. 2013 - Uncoiling Ferns, Falmer Poppies, Roe Deer in Buttercups and Large White Butterfly. 2014 - Beachy Head, Starlings and West Pier, Guillemot Rescue, South Downs, Leaping Roe Deer, Fallow Deer and Marbled Whites. 2015 -  Roe Deer, Beech Forest, South Downs, High

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