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Here are my favourite shots from 2015. The photo I think everyone will like is the first - I posted it to the Flickr Y our Best Shot group and I'm hopi ng the Flickr curators select it for their blog this December . I like the Roe deer buck in the forest best. I had seen and missed him before and purposely revisited the forest to locate this si ngle Roe living in isolation. My favou rite experience was watching the sun rise in Dockey Wood, Bucking hamsh ire, having spent the entire night 'Foreign Legion' style out in the open. Interestingly, Fallow deer on the Ashridge Estate don't appear to be frightened of humans, unlike Fallow anywhere in Sussex, which tend to bolt immediately.  2015 turned out to be a year of amazing and sometimes strange coincidences; I randomly bumped into the parents of two school friends in the middle of nowhere. It had b een 25 years since we last spoke, but we remembered each other well. They also own a country estate and very kindl


I reached a turning point at the end of last winter. I felt that my starling work was becoming stagnant. Too many efforts were an attempt to recreate my best sunset murmuration shots from 2011 - 2013 , many of wh ich are one-offs , when everything seem ed to come tog ether in a fra ction of a second. In many ways, blurmurations, taken using a slow shutter speed, are equally hard to pull off. Not every winter afternoon in Brighton produces ideal conditions for fast, action shots. O ften, the sun is obscured by mid and high level clouds, which result in a blown out solar disc. The best weather for high speed action is either sunny, clou dless conditions or sunshine and showers for a dramatic backdrop. Ideal conditions for blurmurations are either overcast skies and gale force winds or sunless skies, with patches of blue and magenta. I've thoroughly enjoyed my adventure into more unpredic table, experimental waters. I shall take a short br eak now , pour myself a wee dram and r

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