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Photos of the Year 2013

The year 2013 began cold and winter weather extended right into April. Just look at the first picture of Kingston Ridge for evidence of a ravished, pallid landscape, more reminiscent of February than springtime. When Britain was finally released from the cruel grip of winter, the delay in growth was all too apparent. Even in early May, Friston Forest was barely distinguishable from January. Bluebells were several weeks late and lasted until June, when Roe deer still had their thick winter coats. After a warm start to June, the rest of the month was cool and unsettled. Banks of fog rolled over poppy fields and summer 2013 looked set to be another mediocre disappointment. Enter the July heatwave of 2013. With coastal temperatures rising to the high twenties, we basked in an uncommonly pleasant and prolonged spell of good weather. Painted Ladies, Small Tortoiseshells, Peacocks, Cabbage Whites and Red Admiral butterflies flourished across the county and for once, the air remained still,

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