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February 2018 Snow

People from outside the UK will probably fail to understand the British obsession with the weather. Our oceanic climate and geographic position guarantees highly unpredictable weather. If you don't like the weather on one particular day, you'll probably like it the following day (or vice versa!). In summer, we can be sweltering in 34 °C heat and 48 hours later, be reaching for an umbrella and a jumper. The south enjoyed 13 °C sunshine recently and winter bees swarmed over carpets of Aconite flowers. Winter bees in the UK are linked to climate change and the hybridisation of bees from southern Europe. Air high above the Arctic has experienced sudden warming this February, forcing cold air towards Europe and Russia. Both the mild winter and sudden low temperatures are a result of climate change — we're also experiencing more winter storms, more heatwaves, more thunderstorms and large amounts of rain can fall in very short periods.   Many people enjoyed an unexpected day

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