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First pictures of 2012

I feel rejuvenated by the longer daylight hours of January and at the prospect of spending 2012 exploring new parts of Sussex. On my list of places to visit are the High and Low Weald, the Ashdown Forest, Amberley, Stanmer Down and the South Downs between Woodingdean, Peacehaven and Kingston near Lewes. Of interest are the range of escarpments between Clayton and Offham. Site visitors will be seeing less of Brighton beach and Friston Forest, although be assured that important events, such as the spring low tides, Brighton's starling murmurations and the fiery reds of autumn will be featured on here. 2012 will see a continuation of my trend towards subtler colours and tones. The South Downs is a quiet, gentle landscape, deserving of brighter, lighter pictures. My approach will be directed on obtaining more complete, well-exposed photographs at the time of taking them, aided by the purchase of four and six stop neutral density filters. I am going to spend every available opportu

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