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Plans for Summer 2018

I have two main plans for wildlife photography this summer. Between now and mid-June, I will be photographing Roe deer. Throughout July, butterflies and moths will be my main focus. I've been visiting a Roe deer site in Sussex since 2011. It's a very special location, featuring the presence of buttercups, orchids and other wild flowers, which is something of a rarity in our heavily cultivated Isles. If I could meet my younger self, I would shake him for his breathtaking naivety in sharing the name and location to 7 billion people, but as I don't currently own a DeLorean, a flux capacitor and a case of stolen plutonium, it would be unfortunate if my evening visits to this sensitive site clashed with the activities of anyone with a similar interest in Roe deer. I visited the site earlier this week and spotted a pregnant doe grazing in a field. She was quite content to have me nearby, as I sat very still and didn't try anything impulsive. Display the wrong behaviou

The Fairytale Bluebell Wood

I first discovered this Sussex bluebell woodland on a hot May afternoon back in 2012. I found myself very taken by the small-scale intimacy and intricacy of the woodland landscape, with its valleys, meandering streams and winding paths. I had only just begun taking landscape photos in 2012, so I lacked the skill to portray the location as it should.  I take landscape shots from an elevated vantage point and use a polariser filter to eliminate reflections in foliage. A soft ND grad filter is useful when one part of a scene is much brighter than the others. Side lighting is very effective for creating good, long shadows, while preserving colour in the flowers, as the wrong lighting direction can easily wash out the blues. For close-up shots, I get on the ground and use either a macro or super-telephoto lens. Sometimes a lens hood is not enough to stop glare from the sun, so I use an umbrella to block it out. The valley location means the woodland only receives direct sunlight betw

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