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Brighton and Hove Snow Diary 2010

The temperature on December 1st 2010 never rose above -0.3ºC and heavy snow fell across Sussex. I started taking photographs two hours before work, in the afternoon and resumed photography after an early finish due to severe weather conditions. Continuous light snow fell until 19:45, when the powdery snow turned very heavy, dumping 15 - 25cm in  just a few hours. I caught the number 6 bus into Brighton city centre, where I spent two hours meeting friendly faces and photographing familiar places in unfamiliar conditions. As I braced myself for a long walk home, I thought I'd pop into Brighton Station on the off-chance that tonight's snow was of the 'right kind'. Miraculously, the 22:34 Southern train to Chichester awaited on Platform 2. The train crawled up to Preston Park, reversed and struggled along to my destination.

As I sit up at 03:30 in the comfort of my flat, sipping Cobra beer, still post-processing the .cr2 files from my camera, the snow is piling up outside…