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Finding original compositions from unused vantage points is becoming increasingly difficult, given the popularity of the South Downs as a photographic subject. Like any other area of life, landscape photography can be very competitive, ruthless and territorial and I've had a few negative experiences with people who would eat themselves if they were made of chocolate. Happily, during  the last two years, I have been granted access to several estates by enlightened landowners. Until recently, all of these estates have been wooded areas on the High Weald. I am pleased to say that I now have kind permission to enter private land on the South Downs. Under the right weather conditions, my job as a landscape photographer has become a whole lot easier now that a range of new vantage points have become available.

The farmer has informed me that Fallow and Roe deer are present on his land. Red deer were observed a few years ago. I normally have to travel well into Sussex to see large numbers…