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Intentional camera movement (ICM) is a well established photographic technique. I've seen numerous examples on Flickr and elsewhere, some very well done and others poorly executed. For a successful image, I like to strike the right balance between detail and blur. For starling murmurations, the birds must be in focus and the shutter speed should not be set too low, otherwise blur will be so strong, that any sense of motion will be lost and the viewer may struggle to identify the subject. When photographing static subjects, I will place the camera on a tripod and open the shutter using a remote controller. For half a second, the camera is kept still to record fine detail, before I gently sway the camera vertically, taking care to prevent the tripod feet from hitting the ground. The result is a finely detailed image, with sleek, blurry lines, free of jerkiness.


While so many of us salivate at the latest, high-tech camera equipment, it's easy to overlook non-photographic accessories, such as a torch, multi-tool and footwear. I'm a wildlife and landscape photographer and as such, I often find myself in the middle of nowhere in total darkness. The terrain I work on is often muddy, rocky, uneven and prone to flooding. Natural hazards and pests may be present, especially during summer. Here is an overview of the essential accessories I use, with recommendations and commentary on quality standards. It is not definitive and alternative choices are possible, but I can only write about the equipment I've used. Xtar B20 Pilot II torch: I often find myself finishing a shoot at sunset in the middle of remote forests. Not only that, I have to negotiate unlit, narrow country lanes on foot. I need a bright, reliable, waterproof torch, with a good throw and wide coverage. The torch has to fit into my pocket, but be powerful enough to g

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