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Ocean of Knowledge

Seen from atop Beachy Head, a lone vessel sails through sunbeams on the English Channel. This image and three others taken by me, appear on - the website of a clinical research company, based at the Sussex Innovation Centre, a complex of businesses situated on the University of Sussex campus. The site is attractive, easy to navigate and showcases local places of interest. I am pleased that the web designer chose to give my photographs full prominence, making the site memorable and attractive to potential customers. I wish One Research Ltd every success in the future. I hope you have fun naming the locations. I've given you a head start with Beachy Head. All four images have been shown before. Can you guess where?

Brighton's Amazing Starling Murmurations

I now offer tuition sessions on Brighton Pier. For more information, please see my new  TUITION AND WORKSHOPS page. Each winter afternoon, before sunset, starlings gather in giant groups, known as murmurations. This is a survival strategy. Forty thousand pairs of eyes seek out predators and keep the group safe. Flying around for twenty minutes increases body temperature; as the starlings roost underneath Brighton Pier, their collective body heat keeps the group warm overnight. The murmuration flight pattern results in a hierarchy of roosting perches. Dominant males get the warmest, most sheltered central locations, while juvenile males and all females have to sleep in the draughtiest, coldest spots near to the perimeter. Starlings first began gathering around the Palace Pier and the West Pier after the Great Storm of 1987, when 16 million trees across southern England were destroyed. Wintering starlings remain in the Brighton area until early March, when they return to contine

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