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The Hidden Life of a Sussex Woodland

I've been visiting a heavily wooded area on the High Weald, in West Sussex for several years. Centuries ago, the area was a single forest, but over time, the land has been divided into smaller woodlands, each owned by different people. Fortunately, I've been given unrestricted access throughout the year by the landowners. The woodlands are very rich in animal and plant life. Much more so than any wooded area on the South Downs. Acidic soils seem to support a greater variety of trees, plants and fungi. In turn, the land can support more animal species. I feel very privileged to enjoy access to pr ivately owned forests, as I can produce unique imagery and keep it that way. I would have to travel much further afield, to the New Forest to enjoy woodlands on the same parity. As someone who relies on trains and buses to get about, this would be rather difficult. The photographs on this page amount to 18 visits or 120 hours work. I must have visited around 50 times in total, coun

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