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Fairies of the Wood

I began visiting a Roe deer site in August, just as the rutting season was in full flow. The month began hot and dry, but gave way to cooler conditions, with frequent heavy rain. Parched grass and rock hard ground once again became lush and soft. I had a great deal of trouble adjusting from the Mediterranean weather of June and July, to an unsettled and cool August. I wouldn't have been able to compile these images without the assistance of my electric bike, which has significantly cut journey times and brought deep rural sites within easy reach. The bike is worth every penny, given its light weight, good components, 70 mile range and smooth assistance thanks to the Bosch torque sensor. I can leave the woods and arrive at the station 11 minutes later to catch an early train. I'm home just 3 minutes after I leave Brighton station. Keeping fit is not compromised by electrical assistance, as I cycle with 18kg of equipment and frequently cruise above the 15.5 mph assisted l

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