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Fall into Autumn

I took eleven days holiday to visit my favourite woodlands before the clocks went back. It's always a strange feeling, when the sun sets in afternoon and one inevitably draws comparisons between summer and winter activity schedules. When the December sun goes down in mid-afternoon, at the same time in June, I'm only just getting ready to go out.   Two storms in as many days left some forests quite bare of leaves. Days of thick cloud and strong winds followed, so it was a relief when the sun finally came out on 27th October. I've been visiting a small woodland on the Sussex/Kent border for two years. Despite its size, there's always something new to discover. The west side looks into a valley and catches the evening sun. There's a lovely pub about twenty minutes walk away. What more could a real ale-loving landscape photographer wish for? On September 28th, I enjoyed a beautiful walk along a country lane leading to a small woodland in East Sussex. I