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Green is Good

Kingston Ridge, near Lewes is a fascinating South Downs location. Dramatic seasonal changes in appearance have made it my favourite Sussex vantage point. It is within easy reach of Brighton and only a short walk from the bus stop at Houndean Rise. The sheer complexity of hedgerows, lines and curves makes it an ideal place to teach student landscape photographers how to identify viable compositions. The landscape is so green in June, it's as if someone has spent the morning placing broccoli florets all over the field edges. The pure greens are just beginning to change in late June and before long, the wheat fields will be ripening in the July heat. Perhaps a future summer will bring carpets of poppies beside the Y-shaped horse gallops seen in the foreground. I'll be the first on that bus when they do!

Refugees of Winter

Sunset in early June is at 21:10 and looking back, it's hard to imagine how I survived the mid-afternoon sunsets of December. Brighton is 50.84 ° north of the equator and night descends gradually over the space of one hour. After the sun set at Fulking Escarpment, I walked a few miles to the bus stop and it was still quite light by the time I arrived. On the way, I heard two baby Roe deer talking to each other and their mother in a field. Their call is high pitched and very rarely used, so it was a great privilege to be among the few people who have heard it. The temperature on Sunday reached 22 °C, but it felt like early April on a Wednesday visit to the Seven Sisters. I prefer to shoot landscapes when the weather is unsettled. Picnic weather is good for wildlife photography. I'm glad to have the choice between two genres.

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