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Spring Jaunts

After a cold end to the winter, the United Kingdom enjoyed a warm spell in mid-April. I walked the South Downs on April 10th and everything looked tired and worn out. Just a week later, the trees and plants had burst into life. Nature wastes little time. We ate dinner in the garden last weekend, but I'm now drinking soup again and turning the heating on. Quite a few of my recent jaunts have been enlivened by hail, rain and howling westerly winds, which isn't always a bad thing, as unsettled weather is accompanied by clear visibility and great lighting. Here are photos from the South Downs, the woodlands of West Sussex and Wakehurst Place. I'll be spending the whole of next week photographing bluebell woodlands around Sussex, so please follow me on Facebook and Flickr for updates. I tend to get so absorbed in what I'm doing, I forget to eat on time, so I will buy some takeaway curries and freeze them for those late night returns from the countryside.

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