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The Unseen

Every so often, a collection of unpublished photographs accumulates in my archives. This time around, most are from spring and cover familiar locations, such as Cuckmere Haven and the South Downs. I am delighted to include my first image of the summer, a female Roe deer, seen on the Sussex/Surrey border. Having concentrated my energies on landscape photography for six months, I am gradually refocusing on building a strong portfolio of wildlife photographs. There's a reason for this. Expect to see a new, coffee table book on Sussex wildlife by the end of the year. It is quite exciting to speculate on what I might find over the course of summer, if indeed, we are fortunate enough to have one.    

Interview with Total Photoshop Magazine

Max Furia, editor of the splendid Italian website, Total Photoshop recently interviewed me about my approach to landscape photography. If your Italian is up to scratch, please go ahead and read the interview .  I think we can forgive the editor for not having heard of curry. Half of Italy now thinks I go for a beer and a bowl of soup, when I finish for the day. For those of us, including myself, who failed at languages during school, I've included the full interview in English. ------ Landscape Photography Explained by Alan Mackenzie He is a young British photographer. I have always been impressed by the quality and compositional choices from the very first time I saw them. Alan makes it clear that it's tough and he is not afraid of hard work. I couldn't help but ask him for some advice and for some interesting stories about his experience of landscape photography. Here is what came of our chat. Welcome to Total-Photoshop, Alan. As usual we like to ask a

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