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Early Summer Wildlife 2024

People who follow my work closely will immediately notice that this year's early summer project has expanded to include species other than roe deer. There are fewer roe present at the nature reserve, and this has been the case since 2023. It would appear that the neighbouring farmer has stopped keeping horses, and fences installed to prevent them leaving have now been cut. Grazing horses kept grasses short, allowing buttercups, a roe deer favourite, to thrive. Buttercups now have to compete with other summer flora. There are currently only four roe deer — two does, one mature buck and one yearling buck. I have seen the dominant buck chasing the young male, so he can have exclusive access to the females. He is very confident and if he makes an appearance, I can easily observe him, time permitting. The females are not ready to mate, but the buck is showing signs of being interested. I like to take great care of my expensive tripod-mounted camera and lens, especially when positioning

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