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A Journey Through Autumn

Cool mornings and shorter days herald the arrival of September, with its bountiful harvests of corn and soft fruit. Some argue that it doesn't even count as autumn at all, instead classing it as summer minor . Indeed, early October in southern England can also mimic summer, with temperatures in the early to high twenties. Autumn is perhaps the most beautiful, mellow and eccentric season of all. It is our last chance to appreciate pleasant weather, before we retreat into a long, winter slumber. The days are still long enough for walks in the countryside; mild temperatures allow for light layers of clothing and towards the end of October, trees enter their dormant phase with a vivid display of yellow, orange and red. Not all trees of the same species change colour at once. Beech woodlands often feature early September green on one side of a glade and early November on the other.  If I was to pick my favourite autumn experience, it would surely be walking through the forest,

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