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The Sussex Bluebell Season

Welcome to my 2022 bluebell woodland project, which this year took me to quiet woodlands in East Sussex. The majority of people enjoy bluebell displays at a very popular nearby woodland, but other woodlands can be discovered through (occasional) word of mouth. To protect these woodlands, I will not share the location names, and not without good reason. I noticed severe damage to bluebells in near a popular car park, caused by intentional trampling.  In the past, saying hello to people and starting up conversations in the countryside was the norm, but in the last few years, I've begun to notice that the majority of walkers refuse to speak to me out of fear. Ten years ago, people would stop and ask me about my photography, take my card and bring up my work the next time we met. That has all gone, possibly forever. Another exceptionally mild (and dry) winter and spring lead to early flowering, with the peak height and blooming around 25th April. I visited the woods on 30th April las

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