Here are my favourite shots from 2015. The photo I think everyone will like is the first - I posted it to the Flickr Your Best Shot group and I'm hoping the Flickr curators select it for their blog this December. I like the Roe deer buck in the forest best. I had seen and missed him before and purposely revisited the forest to locate this single Roe living in isolation. My favourite experience was watching the sun rise in Dockey Wood, Buckinghamshire, having spent the entire night 'Foreign Legion' style out in the open. Interestingly, Fallow deer on the Ashridge Estate don't appear to be frightened of humans, unlike Fallow anywhere in Sussex, which tend to bolt immediately. 

2015 turned out to be a year of amazing and sometimes strange coincidences; I randomly bumped into the parents of two school friends in the middle of nowhere. It had been 25 years since we last spoke, but we remembered each other well. They also own a country estate and very kindly granted me unlimited access to photograph their bluebell wood and large herd of Fallow deer. I was pleased to get another photo of the Marbled White butterfly with a perfectly smooth background and subtle back-lighting. On the bus journey to Friston Forest for this shot, I saw a man walking backwards along the pavement and on the A259 at Ovingdean, there was a man sitting in a field, playing the keyboard, while dressed as a duck. It turned out that Backwards Man is a friend of a friend; furthermore, I actually met him at a bus stop a couple of months later after seeing his photo on Facebook and colleagues have also spotted the Sitting Duck, while managing not to crash their cars. I may find myself walking backwards during the Winter Solstice, when I plan to photograph the Burning the Clocks procession in Brighton. Otherwise, I'm treating December as a time to rest and stay indoors, just in case the next coincidence turns out to be my last.

Starling Murmuration and Sunset

Murmuration Coordination

Starling Blurmuration


Roe Deer Buck in Ancient Woodland

Field Nymph

Marbled White Butterfly, Friston Forest


Dockey Wood Bluebells at Dawn

Communal Space

South Downs National Park

The Falling

Autumn Forest Glade

Autumn Leaf Fall

Ballet at Low Tide

Parallel Lines


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