The emerald green and vibrant yellow colours of June never cease to lift one's spirits high. Everything is on an upward trend; our moods, our general well-being, the amount of spare time we have, even after finishing work, we can go home, grab a bite to eat and spend the next few hours in the glorious countryside. I had been without my camera for three weeks in May, forgoing a beautiful month, while the Colchester Camera Repair Service replaced several components and re-soldered a broken switch. All my pent-up energy had to come out somehow. The week started with torrential rain and misery, but summer arrived on Wednesday and it looks set to continue into next week. Locations include the Sussex/Surrey border, the High Weald, Friston Forest and the South Downs. 

There are two mother Roe this summer at my deer location. One has twins, the other has a single Kid. Unfortunately, the tall grass obscures them from view; only brief glimpses are possible at this time of year. By mid-summer, even the adults will be obscured by long grass. You'd be surprised at how small Roe deer actually are. I've been 2 metres from an adult buck and he was a tiny wee chap, about two feet to shoulder level. In July, I'll be switching to woodland deer photography to stand a chance of spotting them. The buck featured below is courting both females. There are few bucks around this year, so he isn't facing much competition for a mate.  It is likely that the buck will mate with both does, which are effectively baby factories, looking after their kids for one year, before finding a mate to do it all again the following summer. The encounter with the doe in the 3rd photo came to an abrupt end, when her Kids emitted their distress call. The buck and doe immediately ran across the field to attend to them. This Roe buck appears participate in looking after Kids.

Buck in Meadow

Roe deer buck in summer meadow

Roe deer doe

Watchful Roe Deer Doe

Field Nymph

Young Roe Deer Doe

Gate on South Downs

Waterpit Hill, South Downs National Park

South Downs National Park

Kingston Ridge, South Downs National Park

Bumble Bee and Wild Foxgloves

Edge of Woodland at Sunset

Vermouth and Lime

Friston Forest in June

Friston Forest in June


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