The Unseen

You may have seen these on Flickr, but this eclectic selection of photographs have never featured on They include Roe deer on the Sussex Weald, South Downs poppies, Brighton starling murmurations and Beachy Head.

Fairy of the Woods

Garden Salad

Poppies in the Red Zone

Roe deer and Magpie


Roe Deer

Wooden Dreams

Bluebells, Beech Forest

Waiting for the Night


Assault on the Senses


Martin Lower said…
I continue to marvel at your patience and skill. The poppy is simply stunning....
Alan MacKenzie said…
Thank you, Martin. For some reason, I overlooked the poppy photo, which I took in June 2013. A lack of poppies in 2014 meant I revisited my image files. I don't think there will be many poppies this summer, because the farmers sowed their fields with crops during the fine September weather.

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