A spot of bird watching

It isn't long until starlings begin their migratory journey from the rapidly cooling European continent to the milder shores of the British Isles. This year, I will be equipped with the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III and a borrowed Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L IS USM. I cannot wait. I've been practising my bird photography on Brighton seafront recently; swift, agile gulls provide the challenge I need to bring my rusty bird tracking skills up to par.

Fighting Gulls

Yawning Gull

I am awaiting news on whether my starling picture story will make it into the newspapers. HotSpot Media interviewed me during the summer and constructed a story based on my answers; the copy features references to Alfred Hitchcock (if I could have a pound for every time people have mentioned The Birds to me, I could buy the Canon EOS-1DX). Although HotSpot Media have sent the story to all daily national newspapers, the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph are most likely to run it. Some of my best friends are Daily Mail readers; I will pick up a free copy from one of them, when the time comes.

Four of my pictures will appear in the Brighton & Hove Calendar 2013. The calendar is going to print soon. Details will appear on the North Laine Photography website in due course. The calendar would make an ideal Christmas present; to save you from tears, give it to someone special. I am very honoured to have my Clock Tower photograph included in the calendar. The night of December 1st 2010 was very exciting; heavy snow fell throughout the evening and I've never known residents to be so friendly and happy. The other three calendar photographs feature starlings; I haven't been told the month. No prizes for guessing which month the Clock Tower photograph will be displayed on.

Clock Tower in snow

Finally, expect to see a large autumn woodland posting by early November. I gave Andrew Bertram a tour of Friston Forest two weeks ago; hopefully Andrew will provide a fresh perspective on Friston Forest. I have earmarked Brede High Wood for a visit. October is secretly my favourite month; the musty scent of damp leaves and rotting wood; raindrops falling through the forest canopy and the crisp autumn air! I need to get out into the countryside and rejuvenate.


Martin Lower said…
The gulls are terrific, but the Clock Tower image is stunning! It's a treat to be able to see the tower, without it being surrounded by traffic, and the bicycle leaning on the railings rounds it off.
Congratulations on being included in the calender; it's no more than you deserve.
Alan MacKenzie said…
Thank you, Martin. North Laine Photography actually wanted more people included in the scene. The city centre was mostly deserted at the time. I was the only photographer out there! I gave a homeless man sitting behind me a few quid; I didn't feel like asking him to model, in case of a future calendar request. Better keep my launderette coins on me during all blizzards!

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