The Unseen

Every so often, a collection of unpublished photographs accumulates in my archives. This time around, most are from spring and cover familiar locations, such as Cuckmere Haven and the South Downs. I am delighted to include my first image of the summer, a female Roe deer, seen on the Sussex/Surrey border. Having concentrated my energies on landscape photography for six months, I am gradually refocusing on building a strong portfolio of wildlife photographs. There's a reason for this. Expect to see a new, coffee table book on Sussex wildlife by the end of the year. It is quite exciting to speculate on what I might find over the course of summer, if indeed, we are fortunate enough to have one.

Peek-a-boo   Ex-Tree, Ashdown Forest

Stanmer Down, Reprise

Hill Brows, Stanmer Down

Big Bottom, South Downs

Way Through the Woods

Cuckmere Haven from Exceat 

Squall Cloud, Cuckmere 

Sunset, Newbarn Hill


Martin Lower said…
If this is a sample of what we can expect, then I hope you have the conditions you wish for!
Sy said…
these are stunning
Alan MacKenzie said…
Thank you for your kind words, both of you. I will soon have an entire week to concentrate on wildlife photography. I feel that my collection is lacking in butterflies. The Willoughby Fields has some perfect meadows for butterflies, wild flowers and insects. I hope to find some baby deer too! It really is a goldmine for wildlife and nature. Best wishes, Alan.

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