Winter's End

April continues to be blustery and unsettled. The light and cloud formations were such that I imagined this was Scotland, rather than East Sussex. I felt quite giddy with excitement as the weather provided yet another superb opportunity to portray my home county in all its bucolic splendour. I presently cannot get enough of the outdoors; no wonder my mother says I have a weather-beaten look about me. I am so lucky to have a place like Balmer Down on my doorstep, something I never take for granted. The fields surrounding Ridge Road, Falmer are simply the finest in East Sussex. Lined with attractive hedgerows and accessed via lovely pointed gates, Roe deer can be seen grazing in early morning or late evening. Kestrels, Kites and Tawny Owls reward the patient observer, while bats can be seen gliding along the northern end of Ridge Road at dusk.

Balmer Down

Blown Away

Spotlight on the Downs


Sy said…
stunning shots. love the light and shadows in the last one
Alan MacKenzie said…
Thank you, Sy. Since the photographs are realistic and natural looking, my memory of this outing will be preserved for years to come. ND grad filters are well worth the expense, if any landscape photographer is reading this.

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