Snow on the South Downs

Snow fell across England and Wales on Saturday 4th February 2012. I got up early on Monday morning to capture a rare glimpse of the South Downs covered in snow. Rising temperatures and information from contacts in Eastbourne and Friston Forest persuaded me to avoid these areas. Instead, I visited Stanmer Down, north of Brighton in the morning and spent the afternoon at Kingston Ridge, to the west of Lewes. The partially melted snow created extremely difficult walking conditions. As temperatures fell sharply close to sunset, the snowy surface re-froze, creating ice on paths and a hard crust on top of undisturbed snow. The conditions also resulted in a pair of frozen boots.

Iced Beech, Stanmer Down

Castle Hill in Snow, South Downs

Winter Sunset - Castle Hill, South Downs

Winter Moonrise, Ouse Valley


Anonymous said…
I love them so much! My favourite is the last shot, particually because there is a nice contrast between the snowy landscape and the normal, the sky is also very effective :-) love fezzy
Alan MacKenzie said…
The last scene looks onto the Rodmell Levels, where we went owl-spotting together. The distant hills are Mount Caburn to the left and Firle Beacon to the right. I am standing on Swanborough Hill. XX
Anonymous said…
Great scenes, really evocative and beautiful. Love the satirical vignette also.

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