Save Worth Forest | Stop Center Parcs

Keep Worth Forest in Sussex and out of the hands of globalist bullies. 

Center Parcs wants to monetise a beautiful forest I've been visiting since 2012. Set amidst the rolling, small scale High Weald landscape, with meandering streams and carpets of bluebells, I've spent many happy hours wandering the forest glades. I've brought friends and other photographers here and met friendly folk with a mutual interest in this ancient woodland. I never predicted that my beloved home-from-home would one day become embroiled in a dispute about whether the forest should become a Center Parcs resort.

It was previously reported in the media, that Oldhouse Warren, part of historical Worth Forest, near the village of Balcombe in West Sussex, was earmarked for a corporate land grab. Now, it can be revealed that part of Cowdray Forest, which had permissive access, will be occupied by Center Parcs. If this happens, the forest will be fenced off and 'developed' — with 900 lodges, a giant indoor leisure complex, restaurants, offices and car parks. I will be denied access to this forest forever, unless, of course, I am prepared to book a holiday there. Center Parcs, it is worth remembering, is the company which was prepared to kick out paying guests on the day of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral. The company changed course, following a public outcry. But, when the contractors enter Worth Forest to seal off the boundary with perimeter fencing, the numerous shy Roe and Fallow deer will no longer be free to come and go. Deer live at other Center Parcs sites, but frequent disturbance from guests will mean they will be pushed into a much smaller area, furthest from human activity. 

People from all backgrounds and political persuasions need to come together for the common goal of protecting historical Worth Forest from 'development' and widening permissive access to include Oldhouse Warren. Historical Worth Forest is irreplaceable ancient woodland. There is simply no way to create such a large scale 'development' in ancient woodland without destroying it. If Center Parcs assert otherwise, they are lying to you. Anyone roaming these beautiful and valuable woodlands should object to its acquisition by Brookfield Properties, a subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian private equity firm, which counts the Qatar Investment Authority, as one of its major investors.


Bluebell Woodland, West Sussex 

  The Famous Five 

  Roe Deer Buck in Ancient Woodland 

  Uncoiling Ferns 

  High Weald Mist 

  Vermouth and Lime 

  Autumn Forest Glade 



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