Fulking Escarpment

Fulking Escarpment

I wanted the sun to illuminate Fulking Escarpment and regions of the cloud, but I did not want the full glare of the sun causing lens flare or for the picture to become washed out. When the opportunity came, I created two exposures: one in which the sky was correctly exposed and the other exposing the landscape correctly. Using Adobe Photoshop CS4, I opened the first image and copied the second into a layer. After hiding the layer, I used the brush tool to erase the incorrectly exposed foreground belonging to the picture optimised for the sky, revealing the correctly exposed landscape underneath. I created a luminosity mask and a curves adjustment layer to lighten the image further, while protecting the highlights. I finished the picture with the application of the burn and dodge tools. 

The Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II has a dynamic range of about 11 stops. The lighting conditions this afternoon were greater than 11 stops - I would say about 18 stops - necessitating the use of a 4 stop ND filter and advanced Photoshop techniques to create the picture you see above.

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Martyn at Seaside said...

What a fantastic photo. Looking for photos of Cuckmere Haven / Beachy Head and came across your blog. Been admiring your work for the last hour! Can any of your work be purchased anywhere?

Alan Mackenzie said...

Hi Martyn, thanks for the good feedback. It's always nice to hear from people. I don't get enough of that.

I sell my prints directly. A4 costs £20 each and A3 prints are £30. I use professional glossy paper and the prints don't fade for 100 years.