Summer Poppies

Tuesday 7th June 2011: To my relief, after months of blandness, unsettled weather finally arrived on the south coast of England, producing brilliant light and shadows across the landscape. Blue skies, blustery winds, cumulus clouds and sunshine are ideal for landscape photography. I saw my first ever hare and a Roe deer buck appeared later in the evening. The days in June seem to go on forever - a far cry from December - when it is pitch black at 4pm, the time I arrived at Falmer this afternoon. Just as well I don't have to attend work until 5pm tomorrow. I have 8GB of pictures to get through...helped along the way, of course, by an installment of cider, which has made an appointment with my central nervous system.

Women in poppy field


Here, Hare, Here

Roe deer in retreat

Stanmer and Falmer

Falmer at Sunset

Everyone loves a good sunset


Tuesday 14th June 2011: I spotted a Roe deer doe sitting in a wheat field looking at passers-by. She eventually dosed off. The doe hardly seemed to care about human beings and dogs passing nearby, which was highly unusual. They are very gentle and graceful looking animals. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to locate her kids, which, if they survived birth, should be a few weeks old.

Roe deer doe in wheat field



Moonrise over Brighton

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