Falmer through the seasons: Summer

Three weeks of unsettled, showery weather has restored the South Downs from a tinder-dry, parched brown, more reminiscent of an August drought to a lush, verdant landscape. Heavy downpours bring spells of sunshine and vistas of dramatic cumulonimbus cloud formations - a landscape photographer's utopia. This is an ideal time in which to begin photographing the landscape behind Falmer - Stanmer Down and Balmer Down - at the height of the summer growing season.

I will, as the title suggests, be returning here during the next three seasons to recapture identical compositions in different guises, along with entirely original and unique one-off pictures, capturing the mood and essence of the moment. I will also show how the light and time of day can alter a scene within a single season. I will be adding to this page over the summer, so please add this page to your favourites and keep coming back for more!

South Downs after the rain

The South Downs, Sussex - VIEW LARGE

Gate on South Downs

Fence on South Downs

The South Downs, Sussex

Falmer, South Downs

Falmer, South Downs

Gate on South Downs

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Words said...

Nice sequence of shots. I love the views along there.

Alan Mackenzie said...

I've been in my element. The unsettled weather is perfect for landscape photography. Stick around for the winter version of the gate, covered in thick snow!

Graeme said...

Good to me meet you this evening on the beach. Glad I looked you up, what tremendous work, spectacular shots and views, so very well produced.

Alan Mackenzie said...

Hi Graeme, likewise, of course! I hope you revisit my website to keep up with my latest work. If you look on my Flickr page, you'll see the pictures I took of your lovely dog: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32768071@N06/

Robin Streit said...

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. Your pictures are incredible!

Alan Mackenzie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures, Robin. I like to ask people if they have any particular favourites, so do tell.

robins906@yahoo.com said...

My favorites are the beach scenes, the colors, the lighting and above all else you capture a surreal quality. I just love the colors and your pictures awe inspiring. I want to visit Brighton Beach!

Alan Mackenzie said...

If you ever get to visit Brighton beach, I recommend the spring tides, which occur in March. You will need to use the internet to find out when in March the spring tides will occur or you'll miss them.

Take a look at my spring tide 2011 pictures: http://thinkingwithpictures.blogspot.com/2011/03/brighton-beach-spring-tide-2011.html